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Learn the secrets of the city

Saturday, August 19, 2006

If you're visiting New York this summer, pay attention to the Yellow Arrow stickers around the city. Those point to places with hidden secrets about them. Curious about what secret is hidden behind that old house? Just call with your cell phone to the specified number, or check Secret New York site and a neighbor will tell you all about.

Secret New York is a project by urban artist group Yellow Arrow. For this M.A.A.P. (Massively Authored Artistic Project) the group collected "individual audio messages about specific places composed from unconventional urban research, interviews with everyday New Yorkers about their daily lives, as well as through conversations with New York experts". The audio and video files are also available in podcast format at the site .

This is an excellent way to connect citizens and visitors with a network of life and facts happening behind the scenes. The project calls for public participation, so the secret database can grow. While here presented as an art project, Secret New York system has potential as city branding tool.

Secret New York strengths as city branding tool;
  • Discovery & exploration factor
  • It is about stories as social currency
  • Spreads local culture
  • It is real & trustful
  • Knowledge of place enhances its value
  • Ease of use technology
  • Community building; people contributes with own stories or comment on existing ones
  • Potential for categorization: historic places, hidden oasis, facts, gastronomy, graffiti, etc
Check M.A.A.P. map and point to any secret from the database (video indicated in red).

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