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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dinner followed the walk at the beach where we spotted the above post. The place was Bestial, from gastronomic Grupo Tragaluz which owns ten restaurants and catering services in Barcelona. A great experience from a context and content perspective (superb cold tomato soup with fresh cheese ice cream, and semi-raw tuna on thin pizza-like pastry). In addition of "feeling good" due to the dinner and atmosphere, the restaurant offers the opportunity to support their foundation. A little card was placed at our table mentioning the projects in which the foundation is currently involved and informing that 1 euro from the total bill would be used to finance such projects. In case you don't agree with the deal, just mention it to your waiter and the transaction won't take place.

Fundacion Tragaluz Ninos del Mundo provides infrastructures for child education and health support in developing economies. Current projects take place in Ghana, Nepal, and Kenya. Who's unwilling to support such initiative when the night is so magic?

posted by Oriol P., 1:58 PM


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