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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Modern(c)ite exhibition

Friday, April 28, 2006

The city is the space in which five international artists trajectories' meet, the result is an exhibition presenting poetic and critical views of the modern urban environment. The exhibition situated at Stroom features sculptures, video works, photographs and installations from Francis Alys (Belgium/Mexico), Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal), Marcelo Cidade (Brazil), Jordi Colomer (Spain) and Anita Molinero (France)

"Using and appropriating the material that cities offer - not only physical objects, but for example also the traditions and habits of residents and passing visitors - the artists construct their personal visions of the urban environment. Focal point is the current issue how the ideological foundation of modernist architecture and city planning can be reconciled with the elusive character of a constantly changing society"

Modern(c)ite @ Strom
23 Apr '06 - 11 Jun '06
Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

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Plenty of Shortage

A series of lectures is organized by Studium Generale at Delft University of Technology on the subject of resources' shortage. From the variety of attractive subjects programmed, it called our attention the one entitled Urban Poverty & Planning by architect and urban planner Claudio Acioly.

"The task of an urban planner in a country like The Netherlands appears to be difficult but the problems confronting urban planners in cities of the Developing World often place urban planners in a central role for the resolution of critical problems affecting the urban population. [ ] Rapid urbanisation and high population growth coupled with increasing demand for housing and urban services and the emerge of megacities are just some of the elements challenging urban planners' capacity to respond adequately and positively to the problems derived from this phenomenon' . Claudio Acioly will address these issues within an international perspective showing different cities in the world with their respective approaches in housing policies and slum upgrading strategies"

Urban poverty & planning
by Claudio Acioly
Plenty of Shortage
8 May'06 - 20:15h
'Speakers', Burgwal 45 - 49
Free entrance

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Watch the video

Friday, April 07, 2006

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Project Proposals

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sustainability, Urban Development & Mobility
The Rotterdam Tour offered the opportunity to understand the re-invention of the city in the areas of sustainability, innovation and creativity. Many questions still have to be answered, so we invite students and researchers to become active players by providing comprehension and reinforcing the re-invention process. As starting point we propose the following projects which may provide inspiration for academics, practicioners and policy makers.

Rotterdam and the base of the pyramid
Goal: Develop a range of simple & functional solutions for the base of the pyramid in western societies

Under which circumstances can LED technology be used in urban lighting?
Goal: Define the "do & don't " of Light Emiting Diodes in urban environments

Designing a more functional and less intrusive city: Integration of urban elements
Goal: Development of multi-functional urban solutions

Mapping urban advertisement in Rotterdam
Re-think the use of advertisement in public spaces

Exploring Rotterdam city branding
Goal: Develop a branding strategy for the city of Rotterdam

Stadshaven offers a great opportunity for projects in a range of subjects. CityPorts Rotterdam is organizing an international competition accepting suggestions on how to mix city and port in the Stadshaven area. You can propose your own projects; some of you showed interest in the following issues:

=> How can urban planners and mobility designers work together to improve human interaction and community development in Stadshaven?

=> How can people-centered infrastructure design affect pedestrian environment in Stadshaven?

=> How can be designed the urban environment of Stadshaven, and how, in turn, this affects its accessibility?

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