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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Wubbo Ockels on Enviu's Hybrid Tuk Tuk Battle

Friday, May 30, 2008

Enviu is busy these days with the so-called Hybrid Tuk Tuk Battle. This is a project aiming to find a technical solution to the in-efficient tuk-tuks (also known as auto rickshaws). This would allow a reduction of CO2 emissions and improve the quality of live of tuk tuk drivers. Last evening we had the kickoff party where, amongst others, the Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels expressed his support to this project. More Hybrid Tuk Tuk Battle at Hybridtuktuk.com More innovation & sustainability at Enviu.org

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Urban Art: Rotterdam Mounted Police Crew

Friday, May 02, 2008

More Mounted Police Art Here

Walking around the city of Rotterdam (NL) is an exciting adventure. I enjoy wondering around and doing some "treasure hunting"; discovering new architectural developments, interventions in urban art, and some times...art made with horse feces!

As a pedestrian, it is not rare to encounter with such artistic interventions in the city environment, performed by the so-called "Rotterdam Mounted Police Crew". If the original The London Police crew bombs cities with their bubbly and enjoyable characters, the Rotterdam Mounted Police bombs the city with aleatory and biodegradable pieces made out of fresh -and sometimes steamy- horse feces.

This form of urban art is specially interesting for the casual urban-treasure-hunter due to its intrinsic characteristics, including unique composition, and evolving nature of each piece;
  • Unique composition: some 12-15 rounded pieces typically organized on a linear way. Alternatively, the pieces may be distributed forming random shapes. This is believed to have a profound artistic meaning, probably linked the unconformity and rebellion.
  • Evolving nature: meanwhile most artists intervening the ruban scene wish to perpetuate their work by making it permanent, the Rotterdam Mounted Police does the opposite. Temporary pieces usually lasting up to 24h, which evolve in shape, texture and volume as time goes. Climate conditions intensify this.
I decided to document such artistic expression with the aim to better understand what its has been popularly named "Mounted Police technique" and the, until now, barely known artistic movement supporting it.

Did you also find Mounted Police technique in your city? Add your pics to the Flickr group for all urban treasure hunters to enjoy and discuss similar discoveries.

For more urban art (graffiti, stencils, stickers, 3D), check the Flickr set "Hunting for Urban Art"

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