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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Sustainable Dance Club does Amsterdam

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Enviu & Döll are doing it again! Check the press release:

The night of 1st June 2007 will be the informal kick-off of the ‘Sustainable Week in Amsterdam’ with the first Amsterdam sustainable dance night in Club 11. If you think sustainability is dull, think again! This special edition of the Sustainable Dance Club has a strong line up with DJs, VJs and promises to be a great club night. By offering an array of events for the visitor and the launch of Trees for Dance, 11 hopes to save 30% on water, energy and waste. This sustainable dance night is an initiative of Energiebureau ARC in cooperation with 11 and the Sustainable Dance Club.

See you tomorrow (ups!) at Club 11
22.00 – 05.00 uur
Tickets: € 12

Bonus Track: SDC gets social and now you can find it at MySpace, Hyves, and YouTube. Don't forget to add it to your subscriptions!

SDC @ MySpace
SDC @ Hyves
SDC @ YouTube

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Droog Design Contest: The Climate

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Droog Design is known for simple, yet amaizing products. This time, the Dutch firm is organizing a contest under the theme The Climate. At their site we read:

Ranging from ideas about food, heating, music, literature, fashion, architecture...anything you like in any form you wish.

The 10 best design proposals will be published on our website; the public will be invited to choose one favourite and vote for an overall winner.

What are you waiting for? The deadline for participation is June 30, 2007.

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Visual Earth Guide

The Japan Science and Technology Agency has developed a complete guide of planet Earth.

Earth Guide is an excellent educational tool using the power of infographics to answer eight questions which cover the basics of Earth functioning:

1. Where is the Earth located in the Milky Way galaxy?

2. How is the earth different from different planets?

3. Where does the sky become space?

4. Where does the sunlight that hits the Earth go?

5. How do water and carbon circulate?

6. What type of substances is the Earth made of?

7. What kind of land areas exist on the face of the Earth?

8. How big are the oceans of the world?

Check Earth Guide

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5 Ways to Admire Rotterdam's Fire Limits

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Picture credit by Mothership

On Monday 14 May, in the evening, Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture will illuminate the fire limits of Rotterdam’s city centre with over one hundred light beams. The fire limits mark the areas of the city that were destroyed by the bombing on 14 May 1940 and the ensuing fires that broke out. From 10.45 pm a blaze of light beams on these boundaries will light up the skies, making the true impact of this devastating event visible throughout the entire city.

5 ways to admire Rotterdam's Fire Limits:
  1. Go to Coolsingel and check the piece "Struisvogels -Ostriches- on the Coolsingel" from Theatre Company Bonheur. At 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, and 8.30 pm
  2. Get ready for a unique performance by the French Mécanique Vivante and the Nieuw Trombone Collectief, with a firework display plus a composition for warning alarms and trombones. At 10.10 pm (Schouwburgplein)
  3. After the concert, The Blossoming City by landscape architect Adriaan Geuze, will be unveiled at the Schouwburgplein.
  4. Take a holistic view of the fire limits from the Groot Handelsgebouw (the roof terrace of Café Restaurant Engels, on Stationsplein 45), and the Euromast (on Parkhaven 20, entrance fee 5 euro) and the Witte Huis (on Wijnhaven 3). Fire limits running from 10:45 - 2:00.
  5. Combine all the above with a bunch of friends, and the enjoyment is ensured!

via: Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture

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City Survey from The Economist

Monday, May 07, 2007

Picture credit by David Haberlah

2007 is the first year in human history that more world population will live in cities, as opposed to rural areas. And this week, The Economist has decided to take a special look into the subject.

An ongoing migratory movement is presenting new challenges for urban planers, architects, and society in general. Last June, we were reporting about the matter due to the launching of UN-Habitat State of the World's Cities Report 06/07.

Catch up the audio interview to Johnny Grimond, and get a glimpse of this week's issue at The Economist site. For the full version, you may need to subscribe, or face to the kiosk.

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