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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Modern(c)ite exhibition

Friday, April 28, 2006

The city is the space in which five international artists trajectories' meet, the result is an exhibition presenting poetic and critical views of the modern urban environment. The exhibition situated at Stroom features sculptures, video works, photographs and installations from Francis Alys (Belgium/Mexico), Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal), Marcelo Cidade (Brazil), Jordi Colomer (Spain) and Anita Molinero (France)

"Using and appropriating the material that cities offer - not only physical objects, but for example also the traditions and habits of residents and passing visitors - the artists construct their personal visions of the urban environment. Focal point is the current issue how the ideological foundation of modernist architecture and city planning can be reconciled with the elusive character of a constantly changing society"

Modern(c)ite @ Strom
23 Apr '06 - 11 Jun '06
Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

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