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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Exhibition at NAI on Changing Metropolis

Sunday, March 26, 2006

"It takes more than buildings to make a city" This fact is demonstrated in a new exhibition at NAI where a group of architects from Spain, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands develop new methods to intervene in the city's dynamics.

Each group presents a project from its portfolio and demonstrates, with the use of maps, diagrams, manipulated photos and objects, its approach to investigating, analyzing and mapping out the dynamic metropolis.

Hey! and it seems that the methods used during the Rotterdam tour are hot, the press note reads: They have adopted a guerrilla approach in which erecting buildings is no longer the sole means of coming to grips with today's metropolis.

NAI (Rotterdam)
March 25 - June 11 2006
Gallery 3

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