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Sustainable Rotterdam

The city is re-inventing itself

Rotterdam Tour announcement

Friday, March 03, 2006

Currently the city of Rotterdam is exploiting its cultural and creative character with the aim to position itself in the knowledge economy. Therefore, the city is an excellent ground for innovations in the field of sustainability related disciplines like mobility, urban planning, social cohesion, and architecture. The Design for Sustainability program is involved in many of these new sustainability initiatives by graduation projects, PhD work, alumni etc...

The City Innovator of Rotterdam (also known as Prof B.), Onsustain and DfS have taken the initiative to organise an interactive exploration tour through Rotterdam to feel these new creativity and sustainability vibes yourself.

A day program (from 10.30 till 19.00) will take you through the city visiting the creative hot-spots, meeting the movers & shakers, consuming the Rotterdam food culture and experiencing several sustainable mobility concepts. A detailed program will follow, but most probably the following hotspots will be visited and will be presented and discussed by their creators.

* The new Rotterdam Central Station master plan
* Atelier Licht en Kleur: Urban lighting of Rotterdam
* AIDA: Winning the prize 'Ei van Colombus" urban sustainability projects
* Stadshavens: Rotterdam City Innovators
* Lloydkwartier: Onsustain and Philips Design
* Muller Pier: Hogeschool Rotterdam, Multimedia and creativity

Afterwards, we will continue in the Witte de Withstraat to reflect, boost the creativity of Rotterdam and DfS in an appropriate food corner followed by the funky tunes and cold beers in de "Witte Aap"

The day program including lunch will be for free (except to rent a bicycle if you do not have one) The evening program, diner and drinks, will be your own responsibility.

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