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Sustainable Rotterdam

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Control the buzz!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today Rotterdam went into another yearly party, the FFWD Dance Parade. The rain did not stop the crowd from feeling the beats and dance all day long. While dancing behind a truck as the DJ orchestrated its followers, someone handle us a little booklet with a sentence on it: control the buzz!

Control the buzz comes with a set of earplugs and it is an initiative from Silent Disco, Earproof, and Howard Leight. The message inside the booklets reads:

Sound is a magical thing: it's a true force of nature. At time stunning, gripping and enchanting but sometimes dangerous. To fully enjoy the power of music, you'd better take care. These earplugs provide you with your own volume control.
Give it a go and you'll see that you're even more "into" the sound. Tireless enjoying favorite music.

You know when you've been in a concert and after you get that "beep"? Earplugs allow you to enjoy the experience while not damaging the auditory system. We take the recommendation on board next time we go to an over-decibel event, and feel the "into-the-sound" experience.

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posted by Oriol P., 6:10 PM


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